Packing Services

Packing is one of the most important aspects of moving, but it is often overlooked. All your items need to be well packed and protected to survive the move unscathed. At METRO VAN LINE we can provide you with the necessary packing services to pack your items carefully and securely. For your convenience, all packing supplies may be ordered from us online and delivered to your door free of charge*.  Furthermore, our Moving Experts will provide useful packing tips on how to pack special items such as antiques, artwork, china, electronics, and the like.

If you are concerned with packing individual items, or perhaps, you find the task a bit overwhelming, our team of Professional Packers can perform the packing service for you. We have the ability, experience, and knowledge to carefully provide custom-sized packing boxes to accommodate your items. Our Professional Packers is composed of trained professionals, who understand the importance of protecting every last piece, no matter how minor it may seem.

For elements such as glass, oversized televisions, most artworks, sculptures, and marbles, a custom cardboard crate will be made on the day of the move, from cardboard sheets and double wall boxes. The inside of the cardboard exterior will be padded with white paper and bubble wrap as needed. This is the most cost effective option and usually produced on site.

Custom wood crates are the better choice for fragile, high valued antiques, exceptional artwork, sculptures, piano or items being shipped long distance. Custom wood crates are manufactured by our Professional Craftsman before the move date and will be delivered by our truck on the day of the move. The packing process is performed at the move site, before loading and shipping, assuring that the highest protective manner is employed.

Please consult with your Project Manager to determine the best and most cost effective method to protect your precious items.